Thursday, January 27, 2011

*Inspired Homemaking* - giveaways!

Here are some fun giveaways you can enter today.  Good luck!

Jessica at Insanely Crafty has made this adorable
Box of Chocolates garland to give away. 
(ends 1/28)

Head on over to Flamingo Toes and Twelve Crafts Til Christmas-
They are hosting Blog Spa week with tons of giveaways and fun tutorials to pamper yourself!

Life is Beautiful is giving away an apron
from Sugar and Spice Aprons.

Lastly - Prudent Baby always has some type of giveaway going.  
If you don't know about their contest to WIN A SEWING MACHINE!! go check it out!!

have a great thursday!


  1. Thanks so much for letting people know about our Blog Spa!!! :)

  2. Thanks for the post. Got a new blog to add to my list, Insanely Crafty, and yes I'm entering the Prudent Baby contest. It has been haunting my dreams. I would love a machine that knew it's alphabets!

  3. Thanks for posting about my giveaway!!


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