Friday, December 31, 2010


Some don't like change.  It can seem overwhelming.  and scary.  
but also very exciting and full of possibilities.  

 New Year's Eve 2009
- thought I'd add pics from the year to break up the text ;)

I like change.  I like going new places, learning new things, and meeting new people.  There are so many interesting people who know lots of things I don't.  I love to learn from them.

So I am happy it's a new year.  This past year has been wonderful.  
FULL of changes.  
and this year too will be FULL of changes. 

So in the spirit of looking at the years past and years ahead,
I wanted to talk about resolutions.  
My sister came up with a great alternative to the ever-elusive and rarely-attainable resolution.  
She started coming up with a motto for the year.  
A general attitude that can be applied 
to any situation in which you might find yourself. 

Last year my motto was Go With The Flow
I knew we would have lots of changes and unexpected situations to face, 
and I wanted to remind myself to adapt gracefully.  
Last year my sister's motto was No Excuses.  
I think it helped her through many stressful situations. 

So here we are at the beginning of 2011.  Time for a new motto.  
I think this year it will be Balance

I tend to get a "bee in my bonnet" about things and can become a bit obsessive.  In the meantime, other things go by the wayside. 

Example:  Obviously I love to sew and create - sometimes those become more important to me than cooking good meals, paying the bills, or doing the laundry.  

On the other hand, you can't cook and clean ALL DAY LONG because you will loose your mind.  
Enter: Balance.  
I want to be a more balanced woman. 

How about you?  Resolution?  Motto?  Goals?
Happy NEW Year,


  1. Fabulous motto--I hope my year is more "balanced" too. ;)

    Good luck and happy new year!

  2. I enjoy your blog. I think the thing I wish for is to be more organized. I also tend to let way too much go by the wayside. (Let's see how we do.) The family photos are adorable. Happy New Year!

  3. organization is a great one. let me know how you do and if you find any useful tips. thanks for reading!!

  4. Your little sweetie is wearing something different in/on her hair in ever pic! She is going to be the most fashionably accessorized girl in the world!


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