Monday, December 20, 2010

*Merry Monday* Last Minute Gift - note cards

Everyone needs notecards - especially generic ones that can be sent for any occasion.  You could personalize these anyway that suits you. I chose to use the initial of their first name on some, and then little salutations such as thanks, hello, hi.

Simple is better for this project. I found a box of 50 note cards with envelopes at Michaels for $5.00, and you know felt is super cheap.

All I did was cut the letters out of felt, and then stitched it onto the card using the machine.

Don't forget to open the card while you are sewing. I sewed two cards together accidentally :)

These are pretty simple, but a nice way to give something personal.  Something you can whip up an hour before the party as a hostess gift, or on Christmas eve as a stocking stuffer.  Enjoy!


  1. Great last Merry Monday post!!!
    Happy Christmas! HUGS!


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