Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I come by it honestly...

really everyone in my family is crafty or artistic in some way.  My dad paints and can build just about anything, my mom sews and has a great eye for decoration, my sister sews and graduated with a studio art degree, I sew and dabble in just about anything that suits my mood.  We also all play some sort of instrument.  (does it sound like I'm bragging?  maybe I am...) So art was a natural part of my life. 
Here is a perfect example: check out this gorgeous advent calendar my sister made us:
When we open each day, we turn over the little numbered pouches. On the other side they are decorated like ornaments - so at the end the tree will be all decorated!
Isn't that adorable?  Thanks Aunt Jo - we are really having fun with it!
In other news, we have had a TON of snow - about 5-6" and for a reason yet to be determined we have no water - they think perhaps a pipe broke under the house - yuck.  So hopefully today they can get that figured out.
ALSO I have another coupon code for you on my Etsy shop - I'm getting ready to go to Florida Thursday evening and I will have to put my shop on vacation so I am giving you a code for 40% off everything in my shop!!!!  Now through Wednesday night at midnight!  The code is SHG40
Well, I'm off to work on my Christmas gifts and do a little Flylady cleaning.  Hope you have a great day!

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  1. Oooh flylady, thanks for the reminder! Def took advantage of your coupon code! Been eyeing the cold & flu treatment for a while!


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