Wednesday, December 29, 2010

From Sweater to Sweet Shrug

Well, it's only been a week, but I miss you!  AND my mom and I made this sweet shrug for my sister so I thought I would share. 

My mom had made her a dress using the AMH zigzag pattern, but she wanted a short little shrug to go with it.  Well we searched high and low and couldn't find anything.  Finally, two days before Christmas, we found this little sweater at TJMaxx for $10.00. 

It was the perfect color!  Here's how we turned it into the shrug:
step1:  We measured down from the shoulder seam about 14 inches - we used a shrug that I had as a guide.  Then cut across the sweater.
step2:  Next we found the center and put a few marks down the front of the sweater.  Cut this open - only cutting the front of the sweater.
step3:  We wanted the front panels to be rounded a bit, so I found a circular calculator to use as a rounded edge - you could use a bowl or plate too.
step4:  Once you have traced it, trim along the curve.  Now make (or use store bought) bias binding.
If you are making it, cut it at about 2", then fold each edge toward the center and press.
step5:  Starting at the neckline, sew the bias to the sweater.  If you have a knit setting on your machine that will work best with a sweater.  Here is how to stitch it on:  Open the binding and lay it right side down on the sweater, lining up the edge of the binding with the edge of the sweater.  Stitch along the fold line closest to the edge ( it will be about a half inch in).
step6:  Once you have sewed all along that edge, fold the binding over to the back and either handwhip it on or topstitch it.  Add a little hook and eye at the top of the sweater if you desire.
p.s. I know that is not a very good tutorial for sewing bias binding, I was really writing it for people who already know how to make it - if you are really confused you can email me.  Maybe I will do a more in-depth tutorial on that soon (although there are plenty around the web).  Hope you're having a lovely holiday!


  1. I LOVE that shrug! You (and your mom) have a great eye for what things can become. I want one, too!

  2. How totally awesome is this idea! So adorable Jessica, you and your mom are two very talented ladies.


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