Thursday, October 21, 2010

This year's costume...

recently Charlotte has been running around the house dressed up as a pirate.
When we ask her what kind of pirate she is she says, "a princess pirate".  So that is what we decided to dress up as for Halloween - a Princess Pirate.  Here's what it looks like:
Honestly the only thing I made was the crown/hat/eye patch.  The little red costume was a hand-me-down from Shannon's girls - thank you!  Upload pics of your costumes to the Flickr pool - I would love to have some ideas for years to come!
I also wanted to let you know that after the Ruffled Scarf Tutorial - I had a request for a custom ruffled scarf to purchase.  If you enjoyed that scarf, but are so busy you don't have time to make one - I would be happy to take orders.  You can either send me an email, or send me a custom request on my Etsy shop.  Here's the one I made for my first order:
Have a great thursday- it's almost the weekend!

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