Tuesday, September 7, 2010

From Firecracker to Football

You all remember Krista from Blue Eyed Yonder - my talented guest last Thursday?  Well I found this recipe on her blog - and it looked all too worthy for the first Saturday of college football.  So we changed the name Firecracker burger to the Football burger and it looked like this:

toasted bun, layer of pimento cheese, burger pattie, pimento cheese, honey slaw, applewood smoked bacon, crushed potato chips, toasted bun.  Hello- that is burger heaven!  You can go here for her recipe - it takes a little work, but it is totally worth it!  Plus the calories you expend making it, cancel out the calories you ingest eating it - right?  So I'm thinking it's basically calorie free ;)  Hope you all had a great college game day - or just a lovely Labor day weekend ( if you aren't college football crazy ;)

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