Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fabric or Food...

...guess you know my answer :)  So Charlotte and I were on our way to the grocery store this afternoon - a little rushed because it was already 4:00pm and there were NO groceries in the house for dinner.  As I was zipping down the road I spotted a sign that said this:
"Fabric Store Closing.  Huge Sale."
It was crazy - my car took over and crossed two lanes of traffic - forcing me to pull  into the the parking lot of the Huge Fabric Sale.  All thoughts of hurrying to the store for dinner were gone.  Charlotte and I darted in and these fat quarters jumped right into my cart.  I managed to leave before entire bolts threw themselves at us- and we scurried on to our original destination.  The grocery trip was a bit rushed, but it was totally worth it.  And we did have dinner (although Kroger cooked it :).  
Ahhhh....so many possibilities sitting there, folded neatly - perhaps they will turn into something fun to giveaway to you...


  1. Do I spy some AM in that stash?

  2. I laughed at this! Could have been me though ... well, no, as I usually do not go shopping. Hubby does that. But if I wouldhave seen such a sale I probably would have forgotten about any other appointments ... :-)
    Am curious what you'll make of it!

  3. You have great taste so I'd love to see what you'll come up with! Can you come down to Tampa and give me a personal tutorial?!? :D


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