Thursday, August 26, 2010

*Guest Post Thursday* - King of Consignment

Today we are going to learn a thing or two from my hubby.  
I will brag for a moment - he gets more deals and free things than anyone I have ever known.  Here are a few examples of things he has acquired for free:

baby grand piano
toyota camry
2 pottery kilns

I'm not kidding.  Isn't that crazy!!?!  Well, in addition to being a magnet for amazing free things, he also has a knack for finding great deals at thrift and consignment stores.  Want to know his secrets?
Here they are:

1. Go often - Thrift stores are very hit or miss. Find a few stores to frequent.  Often some stores are great for certain items but they never stock other items you want

2.  Don’t buy it just because it’s cheap - Only buy an item if you know you will use/wear it.

3.  Only buy things in good condition - A shirt that looks old and dingy is not cool and vintage; it is old and dingy.  If it does not fit right or has stains/tears/discoloring/needs repair - do not buy it. 

4.  Value and quality are important - $3 pair of Lucky Brand Jeans is a better value than buying a $3 pair of no name brand jeans

5.  Shop with specific items in mind - This eliminates the likelihood of buying things you don’t need and usually makes the trip quicker.  You won’t be overwhelmed as easily.

Here are some of my recent thrift store finds:

Wolverine Hiking Boots - Brand new @ $190
Brand new at Goodwill - $6

Shimano cycling shoes - Brand new price - $75-150
Barely used at Salvation Army - $1

Steve Madden casual shoes - $ 65-100
Barely used at Goodwill - $3

Perry Ellis portfolio dress pants - $45-60
New condition - $ 2
Quality dress shirts - $ 25-90
New condition - $1-5

Thanks Ryan!  We all like to learn how to stretch a buck or two.  Most of his clothes come from thrift stores, and because he shops for only quality items, you would never be able to tell. 
*BONUS TIP*  For finding free goodies he suggests joining or looking on the "free" section of your local
What are some of the best deals you've ever found at a thrift/consignment store?

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  1. Gosh, what great finds! My Grandma is the queen of thrift shopping, she finds the nicest shirts and pants for my Granddad. Almost most all of them name brand. I need to hit up our local thrift stores more often. Thanks for the inspiration.


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