Friday, July 2, 2010

Let Freedom Ring

Tomorrow is the big parade in downtown Altamont, and my Grandma is Lady Liberty in a float.  So today we set about constructing her costume.  Here is her crown: 

isn't she pretty?  
This crown was pretty simple to make, and would be even easier if you didn't cover it in fabric.  We covered it so that it would match the rest of the costume, but if I had to do it again, I would paint it, and add some glitter ;)  If you would like to make one you will need a sturdy paper plate, poster board, glue, scissors, stapler, ribbon, and fabric (or paint/glitter).  Cut into the bottom of a paper plate, and cut out the center - about 3? inches from the edge of the plate.  Next cut out 7 long, skinny triangles out of construction paper.  Tape those in place on the right side of the plate(the side you would eat on.  The wrong side is what will be showing.)  

If you choose to paint, now is the time - and you may want to glue the triangles on so that they will be more secure.  If you are doing fabric, you're crazy - just kidding :) lay the fabric over the crown.  Glue the fabric to the inner circle of the crown, and to each of the tips on the triangles.  (This is basically just to hold it in place).

  Next cut around the crown leaving about 1/2" all around.  

Now turn  the crown over and glue the rest of the fabric in place by wrapping it around to the back of the crown.  After I did that, I reinforced the triangles (on the back side) with long toothpicks (popsicle sticks would work too).  Then I colored those little rectangles around the crown with a permanent marker.  

Ta da!  Happy Fourth!

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  1. Hi, I came across your site while visiting prudentbaby.
    Your grandma looks beautiful!
    And so is the crown you made. Brilliant!


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