Thursday, July 29, 2010

In case you missed it...

  Enchanted Forest Invitations Tutorial
I did this as a guest post on Mon. but in case you missed that, here it is.  My daughter’s second birthday is just around the corner, so I am in full party planning mode here at my house.  Today I wanted to share with you a free pattern + instructions on how to make these invitations that I created.
I think these would also be cute for a baby shower.

The theme for her party is “Enchanted Forest”.  It is inspired by this lovely post in Hostess with the Mostess.  We have recently moved to TN, and our home is literally in the middle of a forest - so it seemed that theme was fitting.  Now, I will warn you - these invitations are addicting to make.  Once you make one, you will begin a frenzy of toadstool crafting.  Seriously, I can’t stop - they are so fun!  AND so easy.  Are you ready?  
Ok here we go :)
You will need:
Crafting paper in various colors
This free pattern
(the mossy hill needs about an inch added to the bottom - it got cut off...sorry)
Hole Punch
Begin by printing the pattern and cutting out the pieces.  
(It might be nice to print it onto something sturdy, such as cardstock).
You can cut them out in whatever colors you like - this is what i did:

Be sure to cut the little slits in the bottom of the toadstools.
Next, if you are going to print text, now is the time to do it.  That way you can glue your woodland scene around the text.
Begin with the mossy hill.  Glue it along the bottom of your invitation.
 Next, do the left tree.

Then the large toadstool.

Toadstool assembly:
Slip the “trunk” inside the front of the slit on the toadstool bottom.  
Glue the bottom to the top.  Now glue the toadstool to the paper.  
Using a regular hole-punch, punch out lots of little circles from the paper you would like to use for the toadstool spots.  Cut some in half, to be placed on the “edge” of the toadstool.  
This makes them look realistic ;)  
I attached the dots by pouring some glue into a bowl, and using tweezers, dipped each dot into the glue, and stuck it on the toadstool.  That sounds very “Martha”, I know, but it actually doesn’t take long, and kept me from saying bad words......because the glue and the dots just get stuck all over your fingers, and then all on the carpet, and on your favorite pair of cozy pants......
Anyway, now the evergreen tree- stack the pieces in reverse order - 4 is the trunk, then 3,2,1
Lastly the small toadstool.  

You are done.  You can add some butterflies and bugs if you like.

How fun and easy was that?



  1. Cute! Cute! Cute! Tracy has some cupcake toppers along this line....

    So happy for blogs to keep up with the everyday happenings of friends! Love you! Amy G

  2. HOW CUTE! :) I LOVE this theme! It's one of my favorites right now. :)


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