Friday, June 18, 2010

If you behave we will...

Rewards can be a great parenting tool.  But do you ever feel like the only ones you can think of involve food or candy?  Those rewards certainly have their place - but wouldn't it be great if we could reward our little ones with things other than food?  Things that don't clutter up your home.  Things that are inexpensive.  Here is my 
Top 8 Non-Food Rewards For Good Behavior
(p.s. most of these are for younger kiddos) 
Do you have any more suggestions? Please comment.

1.  Water Balloon play-time
2.  Fun Sparkly Balloon from grocery store
3.  New sticker pack
4.  Bath Crayons
5.  Movie at the big theater
6.  Art Date with mommy or daddy
( photography, painting, sewing, drawing, etc.  Good one-on-one time)
7.  Trip to the Zoo
8.  I-tunes purchase

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