Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Firecracker Hairbow

As you know, the Fourth is this weekend - and Charlotte had NOTHING patriotic to wear.  If you find yourself in the same dilemma, you can take 30 minutes and make this cutie little hairbow to get everyone in the American Spirit.  

You will need:
Red ribbon
Blue ribbon
White ribbon
Something for the middle
(button, gemstone, bead, etc.)
A hair clip
Hot glue gun and hot glue

Plug in your hot glue gun and let it heat up.  
Begin with the red ribbon.  Drape it over your hand, like this.
Wrap it around 8-10 times.

Cut the ribbon from the spool.  
Cut a small piece of red ribbon - about 3-4 inches.  Lay it flat.  
On top of that small piece, lay your loop of ribbon.

Tie the small piece around the loop, into a knot.  

Snip the loops of both sides, so that the ribbon fans out.
Repeat this process to make another red loop, a white loop, and then a blue loop -
I made the blue loop smaller.

Lay one of the red pieces on a table.  Put a dot of glue in the center.  Lay the other red piece on top, perpendicular to the first one - making a cross.  Next glue the white piece on, and then the blue piece.

When the glue has dried, tie a piece of ribbon around the entire thing, to help hold it together.  Now put a dot of glue in the center of the blue piece and glue on your centerpiece.
Lastly, glue the large "firecracker" to a clip.

More Fourth of July fun coming tomorrow!

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