Sunday, June 13, 2010

American As Apple Pie

Here's a little craft to get you in the patriotic spirit.  A Pie Pincushion and Notions Holder!  Made from a  cream cheese container, felt, ribbon, and hot glue. 

This is how it's done.

You will need:
A clean, dry cream cheese container
Light brown felt
Other assorted felt colors
A scrap of printed cotton
Hot glue and Hot glue gun
Needle and Thread

Step 1:  Cut out 1 circle of light brown felt 3/4" larger than the container lid.
Step 2:  Cut out 1 circle of cotton fabric 1/2" larger than the container lid.
Step 3:  Cut out 8 strips of light brown felt, 1/2" wide
Step 4:  Cut out 2 circles of felt the size of the bottom of the container (use whatever color you like).
Step 5:  Criss cross the felt strips over the cotton fabric circle.
Step 6:  Using a needle and thread,  hand tack the felt to the cotton every place the felt strips intersect.  (sorry this pic is was taken on a camera)

Step7:  Lay the cotton/strip piece on top of the light brown felt circle.  Fold up the bottom piece, imitating the edge of a pie crust.  Hand tack it to the top piece as you go.  Leave about a 2" opening to stuff it.

Step 8:  Stuff the pie.  Then finish the hand-tacking
Step 9:  Hot glue the smaller felt circles to the outside bottom of the container and the inside bottom of the container.

Step 10:  Going slowly, hot glue the pie to the container lid - really work with it to pull the edges of the pie all the way down the sides of the lid so you won't see any ugly plastic lid.
Step 11:  Cover the outside walls of the container in strips of ribbon or felt or some combination.  I used ribbon first, then felt.

Ta Da!  There is your cute little pin cushion with a secret place inside to store your thimble, buttons, needles, etc.  Are you hungry for pie yet?


  1. LOVE the idea--Gabi just gave me a plump bag of felt so this is going on my list of small projects! Thanks

  2. SEW CUTE! I think i'll make one and use it as a doorprize at my next quilt guild meeting!


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