Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"I feel like I've been wrestling an alligator..."

Okay, I really am in pretty good shape- but I am sitting here, literally breathing a little heavy after machine quilting this queen size quilt!!!  I machine quilted around the large squares, and then I will hand quilt around the appliqued bulbs.  Here is a picture tutorial of how to layer the quilt in order to get it ready to be quilted.
Lay the back of the quilt on the floor- right side down.
Be sure you have pressed your seams open.
Next, lay out your batting, if you are going to have a border- center it in the middle of your backing.  (I had 6" all the way around.)
Now lay your quilt front in the center of the batting.
Then get out about 500 safety pins and pin all three layers together - pinning about every six inches.  Now you are ready to machine or hand quilt!  This is how it looks so far-
Don't you feel like you just opened a jewelry box, or just walked into a candy store?  Oh Anna Maria, I love your fabrics.  Thank you for creating such wonderful, inspiring materials to brighten our homes.

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