Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Colorful Comfort

I've posted before about the talented women I've descended from in my family. Well, here is picture proof. My mom and I are working on a quilt journal - taking pictures of all of the family quilts, and journaling about who made them and when they were made. Here are a few of my favorites. Be inspired -I am.

Made by my Great-Grandma Chancey

Made by my Great-Great Aunt Evelyn
(given to Grandma and Grandaddy as a wedding gift in 1950)

Made by my Great-Great Grandma Abbot, circa 1950

Hand pieced by my Great-Grandfather when he was 9 yrs old. Made from scraps of mens shirts- circa 1910
Made by my Great-Great-Grandma Chancey. She dyed feed sacks and used that for the backing.

Sampler Quilt- Made by my Great-Grandma Chancey

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